By working together in a Centre that is clearly dedicated to studying, promoting and extending scholarly and public debate about educational change, it is intended that members of the International Centre for Educational Change adds value to their own individual efforts, impact and initiative.


• to build a critical and visible mass of expertise in the theory and practice of educational change, that consolidates and advances the reputation of OISE/UT as the international leader in the field

• to evaluate and inquire into educational changes and reforms on a scale that exceeds what members of the Centre could achieve separately. To create and sustain a vigorous and challenging intellectual community which engages in high level dialogue about educational change theory and practice.

• to build a collaborative culture of educational change researchers, from which flexible and high-functioning research and/or development teams can be swiftly created to bid for and carry out major funded projects of significance on educational change. To become a magnet for graduate students and academic visitors from all over the world to advance their own knowledge of and expertise in educational change.

• to contribute to the education of new teachers by helping them understand the importance of educational change, the impact it has on their work, and their own role as future change agents in education.

• to involve classroom teachers and school leaders in the investigation of educational change by undertaking projects of action research with them so that they are not merely subjects of and sites for research studies, but active contributors to the development of ICEC's shared knowledge base to facilitate electronic and face-to-face dialogue and conversation about educational change among educators and academics that is open, respectful, and challenging.

• to concentrate high profile outlets of publication (e.g., journals, book series, newsletters) and other kinds of dissemination (e.g., video, webpages).



Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
of the University of Toronto