• Policy Trends in Ontario Education 1990-2006 / Les politiques d'éducation en Ontario 1990-2006 (Stephen Anderson and Sonia Ben Jafaar)

English version (60 page pdf file)

Version française (73 page pdf file)

This investigation and report were produced as part of a pan-Canadian study of how the characteristics, work and working conditions of elementary and secondary school teachers and principals are evolving in response to changing educational policies and social contexts. The larger study “Current Trends in the Evolution of School Personnel in Canadian Elementary and Secondary Schools” is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through its Major Collaborative Research Initiatives program. The overall project (2002-2007) is based out of Faculty of Education, Université de Montréal, and involves researchers from ten Canadian universities and Statistics Canada, including Drs. Stephen Anderson and Diane Gérin-Lajoie from OISE/UT.

The overall research program is made up of four separate projects:
Project 1 – The creation of a national statistics database on teachers and school principals; Project 2 – the creation of a national database on educational policies and reforms since 1990; Project 3 – A nationwide survey of teachers and school principals; Project 4 – A five year study of 500 teachers and school principals from five Canadian cities (Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Vancouver, Halifax, Moncton). A PDF copy of the final narrative and analysis of education policy trends in Ontario (1990-2006) by Stephen Anderson and Sonia Ben Jaafar can be downloaded from this website of the International Centre for Educational Change. Documents related to other studies in the larger project can be accessed from the overall project website at the Université de Montréal (


  • Learning from District Efforts to Strengthen Educational Leadership (Ken Leithwood & Stephen Anderson, OISE/UT with Kyla Wahlstrom & Karen Seashore Louis, University of Minnesota)

  • Impact Case Studies: Pakistan (Stephen Anderson)


  • York Region (Blair Mascall)



  • The Schools We Need (Michael Fullan, Ken Leithwood, Nancy Watson)
    Available online

In the second and final report of The Schools We Need: A New Blueprint for Ontario, the authors make 17 recommendations for action on the part of the Ontario government. Many respondents supported the conclusion of our January report, namely that the future for public schools in Ontario is at risk because of either badly implemented or misconceived government policies, and the time for action has come. From research around the world, we know what improves student learning and what doesn't – the Common Sense Revolution is clearly over and people are anxious to support a system that works for all students.


  • Evaluation of the Implementation of National Numeracy and Literacy Strategies in England (Lorna Earl, Michael Fullan, Ken Leithwood, Nancy Watson)
    Available online


  • Beyond Islands of Excellence: What Districts Can Do to Improve Instruction and Achievement in all Schools (Stephen Anderson)


  • York Region (Blair Mascall)


  • Teaching for Deep Understanding: Towards the Ontario Curriculum that We Need (Ken Leithwood, Nina Bascia)

Teaching for Deep Understanding is a critical study of the Ontario curriculum. The book's 23 contributing authors examine Ontario's 'mile wide, inch deep' curriculum and conclude that it is shortchanging students, especially in the areas of science and technology.



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